Thursday, October 28, 2010


I love how people just play with clothes and come up with ingenious styles of dressing. I am a sucker for things or people who think out of the box, I mean lets face it everyone gets tired of routines, same old, same please! I also love going through all sorts of blogs and websites just to look for the thinking out of the box theme, I checked out a website called chictopia and I was awed by how people just make outfits their own.
Here are some of my favorite pictures, be inspired...

 I was actually thinking of getting a dungaree, I mean this heat is giving me the green light anyway...

 The knee high boots was a nice touch, totally edgy

 Who would have thought that these harem sweat pants would actually look great with leather jacket and animal print wegdes...interesting outfit..

 This outfit is just a good way. I would have never thought of it...

 Now this I love..edgy is cool

 I love the unexpected..the red blazer is a killer..!

 Tweed and leather...the outcome is classy and edgy

 This is definately an outfit I would try...mixing bold prints with a classic blazer..nice!

 I have never been a fan of crotchet pieces but I just love the way she has pulled it off, a bohemian theme going on there.

 This is my best outfit of them all, the contrast in the animal print blazer and the bold purple pants then to top it of the studded belt and finally the platform shoes..LOVE IT!

This final outfit just got me thinking, this is an outfit anyone can pull off, if you are not comfortable with pvc tights that she has worn then skinny jeans will do, or a pencil skirt or pencil side pocket cargo pants..ahhhh! My mind is running wild with ideas, hahaha!
Anyway my point is make your style your own just like the fashionistas above have done...:-)



  1. I love the animal print blazer look. Awesome :-) I love the harem sweat pants too, real edgy look right there....its chrissy

  2. the red blazer outfit i so liked it.