Tuesday, December 14, 2010


 Alicia Keys hmmmm...what comes into mind when you hear her name, well her music is one and beauty is the other. Alicia has this sense of style that is toned down the cool chic kind of style so when I found this piece on her on the Italian vogue I was amazed at the transformations that she went through, the looks just define her alter egos if I may call them that.

The theme was Chameleon and the stylists totally proved it here. The styling makes Alicia seem as if she is a new person in every page. The first one is she is a rocker.. that was totally fantastically done by the way, the hair alone screams rocker, studs on heels and socks but also in the same page she potrays sexy rocker with the nude embellished dress. 

The  second picture the first one on the left is the classic Alicia. What says classic more than the feminine neck cut line, black  bow detailing and bold red lipstick? I wish they showed the whole dress but the head shot was enough to depict the classic Audrey Hepburn look but with an edge. 
The picture on the right gives of  a goth/boho feel. The black nail polish, black body suit and black skirt screams goth but the fringe skirt just tells the boho story conjoined in the mix...I like!

 Now the third picture is more of a Modern Disco Diva, the brown dress  with the cut out arms with the sparkly detailing tells me of disco doesn't it? I love the hair, wish I could make mine like that one day...

In the fourth picture tells me that Alicia could be Italian, the basic black and white ensemble, piercing eyes and bold red lipstick..simple and chic!

In the last picture, I don't know how exactly I would describe the both of them but both have that peaceful element. It sort of like show the real her, she is soulful, happy and simple.

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