Tuesday, March 22, 2011


So the title was to get your attention and am sure it has because you wouldn't be reading this. Anyway first of all I would like to say thank you to all the people that take their time out of their busy days and peek at my blog. It feels great to see the wonderful comments that you leave on the blog and *taking a polite bow* thank you everybody!
So here is the thing, I was excited yesterday when I opened my gmail and find an email from Nancie Mwai explaining her big secret that she had promised to let me on last week. This girl and her team just took fashion to another level in Kenya and this is why...........she and her team are starting an online magazine! I couldn't believe it! This is what pursuing your dreams is all about and therefore I applaud her efforts.
The magazine's brand name  KASHA is a swahili word meaning 'storage space for clothes'. I thought that was witty considering I had never heard the word before. (Yeah, I might be Kenyan but Swahili sometimes get's abit difficult for me..) so back to the magazine it is an independent free online fashion magazine. Their aim is to spotlight upcoming and established designers, stylists and make up artists both local and over seas. They also incorporate  other forms of art from actors to musicians, stylists, models and others. The magazine will feature interviews of stylish local celebrities and easy DIY projects that will transform your wardrobe in seconds without spending tons of cash.
The team consists of Leon Muli photographer extraordinaire,  Wambui Mukenyi a fashion designer, unique designs of Kehl Design Agency and lastly fashion blogger and stylist Nancie Mwai. i think this is a great thing that is happening, Kenya really needed this for the fashion industry and the three young people just  had to bust a move, and I like it! I wish you all the best as you partake this new venture. You are doing great for Kenya!
Here is a sneak preview of what is to come...

 For more updates and progression on the magazine just visit their facebook page: Kasha Magazine.
The official launch will be on the 13th of April on the website, I can't wait! Go #TeamKASHA!



  1. All the best with that.....Do you need a marketing team???? .....hallla at me just incase