Friday, March 18, 2011


Just as I had promised I would ensemble the pieces from my older post and here they are....

First off is the polite look. This is the kind of girl who is not so much a risk taker but loves to add a dash of something something to her look so that she can get noticed at the same time say 'am not all out there'...

1. Red Maxi skirt
2. Leather double belt
3. Straw Fedora
4. Nude slouchy shirt (p.s you have to tuck it to create a polished finished look)
5. Nude brogues
6. Beaded cuff. 

Second look is the grunge look. This look says "hey am me and am a risk taker!

1. Grey maxi skirt with a slit
2. Green slouchy vest (p.s to create the grunge look tuck the vest half way)
3. Fringe earrings
4. Grey ankle boots
5. Cross double ring
6. Spiderweb cuff
7.Brown fedora
The key to this look is in accessorizing, you can add a statement bib necklace or many neck pieces.

The last look is just one of the looks that I came up with, I really don't know where to categorize it, take a look and have your say.

1. Star slouchy shirt (also here you can tuck it half way)
2. Black brogues
3. Sailor striped shorts
4. Blue fedora
5. Silver cuff
6. Eagle double ring
7. Orange nail polish



  1. wow, love all the items! amazing stuff.

  2. love love love the second look! i love all the light colored pieces-especially the tank top!

  3. i like those items! those hats are too pretty

  4. Yaay! thanks for commenting guys! I love all the looks but yeah the second is my fave too Leigh and the fedoras are cool #caseclosed ...thanks again for stopping by:-)

  5. Really great picks! The red skirt in the first collage is a must-have! xoxoxoo