Sunday, May 15, 2011


The party kicked off at 10pm sharp but of course I was late as usual. We, meaning my pal Maerie and I arrived at the venue at 10:30pm, not too late huh? Anyway we took some pictures at Nakumatt Junction yes in the washrooms #fail I know! And there was so much to be done because I was not only going for the party itself but to work so please bare with me the pictures aren't satisfactory but atleast we took some.

                                      WEARING: Sheer top- Toi Market KSH 30
                                                           Sequined skirt- Gikomba KSH 100
                                                            Gold chain-My Mum's
                                                             Booties- Toi Market KSH 350
                                                             Gold Drop earrings- Maasai market KSH 150
                                                             Panama hat-Gikomba  KSH 250

Looking good in a budget is a must...LOL!


                                                                 White vintage blouse
                                                            Gold bib necklace
                                                             Red shorts
                                                             Green stockings
                                                             Snake skin belt                                     
                                                            Black cut out booties.

                                                            BLACKBIRD BANNER

These photos were taken in a hurry that's why there aren't visual details but this pretty sums up the outfits we were wearing. I really wanted to wear converse shoes but didn't find any so opted for the black booties. I will post the rest of the photos tomorow on the actual happenings of the party.......



  1. OMG! Paps....that is o dating!!!!!!!!!!1 I so proud of you. Show off them curves girl. You look awesome. !!!!!!!!! Xssy!

  2. Im liking the opaque top and the sequined skirt...looking amazing in the Pork-pie hat too! :)

    The green stockings on Maerie have a great colour-blocking effect.

    Was hoping for the fashion show pics? :(

  3. Thanks Chrissie and Nigel for the compliments...I have put the other pics and there was no fashion show unfortunately...:(