Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Let's face it white is not an easy color to get away with in outfits, I have seen alot of disasters when it comes to people wearing white. either the pants are too tight that you see too much baggage or not, or the top that she is wearing is too tight that it's tracing the bra....euurgh! Anyway the trick with white is to balance it out let the top balance the bottom or vice versa. I've seen alot of white in the blogsphere lately and I think it's a great color to try out plus it's this season trend so why not?  Here's an example I got from My Style Pill

In this picture the cropped top has balanced out the cropped pants and also cropped jacket and voila!.....a perfect balanced outfit (almost wrote balanced diet...*face palm*) !

Here's another example from  Garance dore 

Now this a perfect all rounder outfit! I know I have a big booty and hips and this would not work for my body shape  but I would still definately try it out! Like the above picture she has balanced out her outfit from the long sleeved blazer to the flared pants, plus they aren't too tight, they are  perfecto fit!


  1. I like the WHITE touch'

  2. I love it too! thanks for visiting you can follow my blog if you like :-)