Tuesday, July 12, 2011


I don't know how many times I will apologize but yeah let me just stop right there. It's been a rocky and sort of peaceful two weeks for me and well I'm back I don't need to bore you with the details. So change is scary but most of the time is good and in dire need. To be quite honest I love change doing things in a routine manner just gets to me and I know it's time to make some little or somewhat changes. Speaking of changes I decided to cut my hair, yes after going natural and go for the rugged look and I'm very pleased with the outcome...what do guys think?

 Off shoulder purple top: Gifted, Nude wide leg pants: Toi Market, Wedges: Toi Market,  Sunglasses: Vintage

 I wore this outfit like a week ago when my mum decided to hijack me and take her to the Tile and Carpet center. I've always admired mixing a nude piece with a color piece and this was the result. I was wearing the sunglasses because my eye had experienced some irritation and so I was avoiding direct contact with the sun. You'll be seeing me with sunglasses in most of my outfit posts this month so bear with me, doctors orders!



  1. finally pictures! oooh I love those pants! Crushin on your hair! I need mine to grow!

  2. u cut your hair? kukaa vizuri tu! weuwer.
    love it, love it love it!!

  3. LOVE it♥ so Gorgeous!!
    #i die!

  4. first time on your site. i love this outfit