Thursday, October 14, 2010


I am finally doing has taken a while but here we are (or should i say here I am)..LOL! My blog will be mostly about style and touch abit on fashion trends and some advice on how to don this and that! fashion is fun and experimenting with it is more fun..anyway my friend is telling me to keep it short and so I will, hope GOD helps me commit to this blog and never lose my passion in what I do..


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  2. first post and comment, yaay! i sure will...:-)

  3. i remember my first post... if its your passion you wont even notice time flying when blogging...kudos on following your dream!!!

  4. Thanks Nancie! would you believe that I have just seen your comment now..! We have to meet up and coach me on how to use this's all new and confusing...thanks again, you inspired with your zeal and determination.