Thursday, November 11, 2010


This week my friends and classmates have been asking me why am wearing my belt in a wierd way. One of them actually joked that it was a 'jua kali' way of tieng the belt..hahaha really funny Kibugi! Anyway it isn't a 'jua kali' way of tieng the belt it's known as looping. Unfortunately I don't have a camera to illustrate how it is done but lucky enough I found an illustration on one of my favorite bloglist Chriselle Inc  she was even graceful enough to illustrate with images take a look...

Get a long preferably thin and flexible belt..she says that the big chunky belts won't cut it with this style of looping and I agree but I am also guilty of trying it out with one and it wasn't so bad but please just try it if you are sure it will complement your style of dressing.

Step 1
Tie the belt the normal way it is done and after inserting it on the buckle thing I usually call it a holster, then take the hanging part of the belt and slide it over the already tied part of the belt as shown above.

Step 2
After sliding the belt under as shown on step 1, take the above part of the belt and make a loop by inserting it into the lower part that you were initially holding down...then

voila you are done..! A perfect simple and acute loop!

Congratulations you have now looped over..:-)

images via Chriselle Inc