Friday, December 3, 2010


(What I love about this look is the studs on the jeans.
It's abit dramatic but it's the punk rock look, studs just slide in there!)

You all remember that song by Ciara right? Well ofcourse it's not possible to be a boy, well there is the option of plastic surgery but whatever! There are days that being a girl is stressing and you just want to dress up like a boy and feel the way they do. So I found this editorial of Lindsey Lohan in her glory days as some would say and I think she was styled perfectly in these boyfriend jeans and blazers. Am not a fan of the punk rock look but I love what the stylists did here..I think I will try it out....

The acid washed jeans are my favourite in this look. 
I think they are amust in any girls wardrobe, they break the monotony of  the basic blue and black plus give you a more edgier look.

In this look what I love is the mixing of the basic grey and blue plus the pendant.

The last and my favorite look, mixing of sequins, boyfriend jeans and basic blazer. I so love this look and would wear this both day and night. The glove was a nice touch it so puts this outfit on the punk rock scale...
 Overall I love all the looks, they are all looks that you can try out, but it would be trickier on a hippier person. In hippier I mean size 14 and over. Well I do fall on that category but  I'm the kind of person who is not afraid of trying something new and letting my creativity do the rest. For example in the last look I would wear an oversized blazer rather than wear the fitting blazer as Lindsey as worn, why? Well because my bum is big and this would just make the boyfriend jeans look ugly. This will still work because I would have still cuffed my jeans so that it would create some kind of silohouette for my body, that is am still tall and slim like.
Anyway point is try out the looks above and make it work for you...

Images from Song of Style

Have a lovely evening y'all..GOD BLESS:-))


  1. Great post:)...i love how you project your explanations:).Lindsay looks *fab* really loving this whole boyfriend apparel trend going on:)..too flipping awesome.Keep up the good work:)..great blog:)

    *p.s*-am Kenyan too:)

  2. hey purplement, thanks for the comment and checking out my blog I appreciate it! I checked out your blog and it is good, keep it up and am so proud that you are Kenyan too we have some sense of fashion too and this is the way we get to express it...thanks for checking out my blog though..:-)