Thursday, December 2, 2010


Hey guys, I just checked my blog today and I can't believe it's been a week since I updated..! well there are many explainations to that but I don't want to bore you with that... ever since I was interested in fashion I never got to know what exactly I wanted to venture in. So this year after some soul searching and consistent prayer plus inspirations I decided I wanted to try styling. I have always been opinionated on how a person is dressed that is no secret and therefore that just geared me up to get into the styling world.
So anyway I was with my pal Maerie (or Mary but I think the other name is way cooler...LOL) when she went to a photoshoot like two weeks ago with a scouting ageny called 2DIE4 and I hepled her stlye her portfolio. It was all impromptu in a way because I wasn't sure if I was going to make it. So she decided on her clothes and jewelery I just styled them the best way I could.

Here is one pic of her in a boyfriend blazer...

So in this picture I had a boyfriend blazer to work with. I wanted to work with the blazer alone but it was too short to go with the idea I was going for which was something like this latest issue of Glamour Magazine in which Fergie was featured on the cover. 

 so I decided accessorizing was the way to go, I used 3 colorful belts that i looped like shown here on another post I did, 2 pearl white crystal faced rings and a pair of multicolored earrings.
The point was also to make the accessories contrast with the background and the blazer since they were of a darker hue.
 The shoot director Ben Kargechu is amazing! I love the way he directs and makes a model feel comfortable, he even doesn't lose his cool when the model doesn't get what he is saying. It's important not to lose your cool as the shoot director for this will only frustrate your model even more thus the shoot will flop.
The photographer is Ben Kiruthi you can check out his blog here. He is an amazing talent and he sure does know how to work the camera.
Sadly this is the only pic I have of her at the moment more to come...I will post others later on....

P.S that's  Ben Kargechu in the background doing his hands effect thing...I thought that was interesting, don't you?



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  2. I am really sorry but I cannot understand your language but thank you for checking out my blog...:)

  3. It LOOKS GREAT. i LIKE THE CONTRASTING COLOURS OF THE BELTS FALLING ON THE DULL BLAZRE...gODD THINKING pAPS. Love it! And Mary has rocked it! Great cheekbones! The second photo has not opened though :-( Chrissie

  4. Thanks chrissie I tried my waiting for the other photos that she has though...the second photo is the one i asked you about the Fergie photo so don't sweat...thanx for checking it out..:-)

  5. awesome contrast with the belts. hope to see more pics of your styling. great blog btw :)

  6. Thanks Secrets..! I owe it all to God, the creativity comes from him...and yes you will probably see other pics...coming soon :-))

  7. Girl i have made it my assignment to translate what the Fishish guy is talking about......i just love foreign languages,wish i could speak and hear all of them fluently...even the ethnic ones....Chrissie

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  9. :-)) that is what your posts are doing to me..they have totally made my day. Thanks for taking the time to translate the post, I was actually thinking of how I was going to translate that...Thanks Chrissie;-))

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