Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Maria Shitawa is a friend of mine and her style is one of a kind. I have always admired how witty her ensembles are, her style is eclectic she can dress in whatever style she wants and still manage to pull it off. However she always keeps it simple and acute, you know not too fussy. I caught some shots of her last week and I thought she looked fabulous! She is a stylist and works with EVE GAL magazine that is produced every Wednesday in the KENYAN STANDARD NEWSPAPER.

Maria is wearing: Black blazer, Grey Skinnies, Grey ankle boots, Flower feather brooch, chained necklace, Ovular African oversized ring,Audey Hepburn Earrings, Jimmy Choo bag (not knock off F.Y.I)
You can check out her blog The Fashionista Files


  1. love the grey skinnies and grey booties :). She got style

  2. awwwh. i love, im more than humbled. you should definately be taking more pics of me, (more often) they look Good.
    hehe !

  3. @stylifiq, thanx and so do you !

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  5. I dig the look. Xssy! You can get the earrings at Mr. Price if you reside in Kenya :-)

  6. am mad at her why she don't update outfits on her blog! full outfits i mean!!!! She looks dope though!x

  7. @ thanx mellisa , as xrissy said. you can get them at mr. price.
    @xrissy, thanx , i digged your look too yesterday. you were looking so gab. like an afro Elle
    @ nancie Mwai, thanx. i was waiting for my cam to come, but i guess now that perps has one , w ll b sharing.
    sindiyo perps ?

  8. brit swag , i love.i love my big siz. she's gt maard style.
    you totally inspire me. i love the way you blended in the greys and whites. and the brooche.
    sisemi kitu

  9. btw, the cam is on it's way. you so need to put up outfit posts