Monday, June 13, 2011


I attended a fashion show last weekend at Nakumatt Junction and at first I wasn't clear about what it was all about. I later got information that it was a sort of up high end street line clothing that was going to be showcasing that night plus the grand opening of their store in the same Nakumatt. I was so excited because first the fashion show was free(most fashion shows are utterly expensive for a low wager like me) and secondly it was 2 minutes from where I stay #win ! Anyway I got all dressed up, but not too dressed up since it was a high end street thing not coture, and my friend Maerie and I attended the are some picture that I took for the runway....

Forgive the blurrines the models were walking too fast and most weren't posing at the end of the runway but whatever I still took some photos. I still have more that I will post tomorow or later in the day but as for now I have to rush to work....!


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