Sunday, June 5, 2011


And here is the full outfit! The one I was talking about yesterday. I went shopping with mum on Saturday and this is one of the purchases! I love the pants...the color and the material which is linen. Ever since I saw the color on most runways I've been frantically searching for anything orange....aaaaand when I found these pants I had this hallelujah moment! (Thank you God!)  The pants cost me a mere ksh200 at Toi market and they are officially the best pants I own!  The corset top had some kind of mishap so I had to throw the scarf on....I felt bad but anyway overall I think it worked out somehow. The pictures are of poor quality but I just had to post this outfit because of the pants...I need a new camera though, started saving up for one hopefully I'll get one by the end of the year so for now this will do.  P.S forgive my bad hair day....

Blazer: Ksh 200
Corset top: Ksh 200
Scarf: Mum's
Orange linen pants: Ksh 200
Peacock earrings: Ksh 200
Pearl faceted Ring:Ksh 200
Shoes: Ksh 400
Watch: Gifted
Black patent clutch: Vintage


My lame attempt to show off the tulle detail of the corset's backview....LOL!



  1. Great top!

    I have new giveaway on my blog

  2. i love the look and you look great!!! my friend you are going places....i only have one request.....remember me when you get to the top.xoxo

  3. @Barbie thank know I work my ass off! LOL...but really thanks!

  4. I have the same request as Nyau :-) You look awesome. Xssy