Sunday, June 19, 2011


I said I would post the dinner outfit and here it is...

1. One shoulder top- gifted by Malika
2. Denim skirt
3. Peacock earrings
4. Brown belt
5. Maasai bangles
6.Bow tie worn as hairpiece

Decided to go natural,I'm officialy a nappy feels great but I have to learn on a few tricks on how to style it. My hair  is of a rough texture that's why it looks like that, but I still love it! I decided to put together this ensemble because I didn't have a perfect dress for the occasionand nothing screams elegance like an off the shoulder attire. I wanted to  look elegant as if I was in a dress and thus the top and the skirt.
 Malika gave me this top earlier this year and I'm obsessed with it, it's so versatile and you can play a few tricks with it and can be worn differently, thanks!  Still gearing up for the African Runway , for more details check it out here 



  1. i like.!
    you look fab.
    and u r welcome for the top !

  2. Lady those Maasai bangles are the truth, I love your hair.
    Nice outfit.

  3. you look awsome. natural hair was made for you

  4. That bow is too cute and I looooooooooooove your hair...when will mine ever reach that length :-(

  5. @Bojo thank you! I love them too...

    @Barbie thank saw me today, trying something new with it, mum hates it! Irony is that that's what she wanted me to do with it...LOL!

    @Duchess your hair will grow too, don't worry be patient and I like your have cool outfits!

    Thank you all for visiting :-)