Sunday, July 31, 2011


Many at times we let stress rule our lives and dictate our actions, well it's time to stop that! I was having a conversation with my photographer the other day and he said that when I started my job, I looked really unhappy most of the time. At first I was taken aback by that statement because I LOVE styling, nothing gives me more satisfaction and fullfilment but to come and think of it I was! I had so much going on I was letting stress rule me and I was also in a nerve wrecking state of not knowing whether I was going to graduate or not! Now that I know that it was going to happen I'm finally at peace and I smile everyday, I'm actually ecstatic about everyday whether it turns out to be a yay or nay.
If what you're doing is stressing you, then stop! It's that simple then pray about it...everything usually works out, no kidding! It was my birthday on Monday and this song has been in my head since then so I just want to share it with you my's by a Kenyan lady called Diana Nduba isn't she beautiful? Yes? Enjoy the song it's called TOO GOOD...remember you're too good for anything stressing you...



  1. i love that song!! the video has an awesome story line

  2. yeah i Love it's so real, I can relate somehow...thanks for checking out my blog ;-)