Wednesday, July 20, 2011


This is another designer from Ethiopia, obviously from the name Addis we can get the origin of the design. Anyway it seems that the theme was unanimously of a fairytale nature because the designs were mostly of off shoulder pieces that come as romantic and elegant. The fabric used was also light in nature that sort of reminded me of lace and the color palette was of soft earthly tones, love it!

Some aspects of velvet was also used in this collection with exquisite beadwork and embellishments on the various pieces. I guess velvet is a trend on the African runway huh? Do you like it? 
Overall I thought the collection exuded an Arabian feel, the light fabric used, the make up, Aladdin pants as I would like to call them...GO AFRICA!

Images via The Fashion Notebook. Photography courtesy of Emma.C.Cheppy


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  1. i love this. the way he played with the traditional ethiopian material. i really love this collection