Thursday, October 21, 2010


Finding your own style is not as tasking as people make it sound, I figured out how you can get your own style..pap! (LOL..I just had to add that there, forgive me am Kenyan..:-) )
Anyway here are steps that according to me help you find your own style...

1. Know your personality.
By this I mean, what personality do you posses? Are you bubbly, conservative, experimental, vaa vaa voom, edgy e.t.c. Your style should reflect the kind of person you are, by saying nothing at all.

2. Know your body shape.
Your body shape complements your style, believe it or not the way you dress your body will either have people admiring your style or pitying it.

3. Know your surroundings
Your environment meaning the climate dictates what kind of clothing you will wear, this doesn't mean you will lose your style in the process, be creative the weather shouldn't be a hurdle.

4. List your likes and dislikes
This just gives you an overview of what your taste is really like. But don't be too scared to try out something new that you could still incoporate in your style.

5. Follow your instincts
Dress how you feel that represents you. If  you feel like doing polka dots today and stripes tommorow do it..! If you feel like wearing yellow, brown and green then do it, just remember that your style has to be represented at the end of it all.

6. Be confident
As much as your style will speak for itself, your confidence has to illuminate. Without confidence your style will look like a wanna be kind of thing. Be confident, smile and your style is complete..:-)

NB. Following fashion trends is not a sin, for example if Animal prints are in season then incoporate it to suit your style.
-When shopping and you come across a piece that you really want, and you know what I mean by want, as in if your eyes pop out like an Owl's when you see it then take that item. If you don't then you will keep thinking about that piece for a very very very long time imagining how it would suit with this and that piece you have in your take it!

Finally check your wallet...:-)



  1. Great post! I'm in my teens, so obviously I do a lot of experimenting, but I think that generally my style is casual. Please follow me :D

  2. Hey guys thanks for the comments...Nayatara am glad that you think this is helpful...:-)