Thursday, November 4, 2010


I am not really a fan of Lanvin designs...why....? Well because he's style wasn't up my alley so when I heard that he will be designing a collection for H&M, I was like what's the big deal, it wouldn't be any different from any of the other collections I  have seen. But then I saw the campaign ad on you tube and oh my word, Alber Elbaz (senior designer for Lanvin) really got me this time. Plus I had seen one of my style icons Anna Dello Russo in one of his dresses so yeah that practically kept me glued to the fashion news for a view of the entire collection...! Anyway I know being in Kenya there is no way I can get my hands on any of the pieces but it's okay to oogle, awww and woow at it, right? :-)

So anyway the collection consists of 30 pieces and 15 accessories ranging from the clothing, jewellery, hats, sunglasses, handbags, footwear and lipstick. The styling done in this lookbook collection was excellent because I mean I want to be in those clothes like right now..!

I like the draping on this skirt and how it crimples at the side, I would definately want such a skirt in my closet. By the way do you notice the blue bow tie at the top of her skirt..LOVE! The faux coat has a nice neutral color too..! And oh yeah the casual grafitti like shirt been styled with such a classy skirt...booyaka! hahaha..!

What caught my eye with this dress was the draping and bold prints, this is just marvellous. The animal print shoes was just a great touch to the styling of this dress..LOVE!

The dress is okay in this photo, what really caught my eye was the jewellery, pearls and brooches look alike in one piece..woah!

To be quite honest I loved the styling in this photo, the mixing of colors, red, brown and green and the fact that the fur coat was faux just made the whole look interesting...

Now this was really good, the mixing of bold colors I mean, not so many people would try out baby pink jewelery with a bright red dress and green shoes, I LOVE this..!

This is my favorite, it's cute and edgy well if you change the shoes. The shirt and tutu skirt plus the oversized blazer is the perfect outfit for going anywhere, if you ask me, well except the office..the white flower brooch just got me...;-))

Am not a lover of trench coats but this is a killer..! The color is just perfect, I would need me one of these with the cloudy weather we are experiencing here..(what's up with that anyway?) I would change the shoes though, I would definately wear hiker boots with this trench coat..or the Jefferey Campell Litas..
 If you want to check the entire lookbook collection just visit

GOD BLESS...:-))


  1. I love love love the skirt above(first pic) and hoe the red and turquoise has been blended so well :-) Chrissie

  2. I love the skirt too..! And yeah the mixing of bold colors also fascinated me too..Thanks Chrissie for checking it out am grateful..:-)

  3. i love this pics. a great photographer indeed