Tuesday, February 8, 2011


In fashion I'm usually inspired by editorials or nature and these days architecture, I have been following some top stylists abroad and there are some that just speak to me, it's like a halo moment if you will lol! So anyway I was awestruck by URSULA LAKE, a fantabulous stylist who lives and works in London. She has worked for many magazines such as InStyle, Russian L'officiel, Vogue, Conde Nast Traveller Magazine and GQ. She started her career in 1997 and it's been top all the way from there she is currently the Fashion Editor of Sunday Telegraph Stella Magazine in the UK. I sampled some of her work and I think they are wonderful....

Prints are my favourite trend at the moment, so when I was looking at her portfolio that is online by the way this set of editorial she did for the Stella Telegraph Magazine, bellowed at me...yeah I said bellowed, hahaha! I love the way she has mixed the prints, it's wow and at the same time not over the top...

In styling there is one thing you have to learn and that is being strategic in location. Your location has to either suit or contrast with your theme depending on what your idea is. I found out that Ursula Lake is very good at this, if I become a fashion editor one day I want to be like Ursula Lake...:-)

Why didn't I think of this...Mandera would be a perfect location..LOL! But SERIOUSLY I love this picture...

Another pointer in styling is that you have to double up as the Director. Some photographers are good at directing the shoot all on their own but the stylist knows what and how they want the final outcome to be.Ursula Lake is also very good at this and this is why...see below

Directing not only consists of expressing emotion but also directing posture.  To be able to get the emotion that you want translated into the picture you have to direct the model on how to express it, I think the last two pictures have achieved that quite well. 
With that said I think URSULA LAKE gets two thumbs up from me....what do you all think?

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  1. Beautiful, well-chosen images with informative guidealines to help someone like me who's somewhat new to styling. Many thanks.